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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening works by means of gels that deliver potent bleaching ingredients to your teeth. The gel fits in trays that are sized to suit your mouth and you simply relax in a chair in the dentist office while the bleaching treatment works. Some treatments are done in office and you may also be given pre-loaded trays to take home in order to continue the bleaching process.

In Office Bleaching vs. Professional Take-Home Bleaching vs. Over-the-Counter Bleaching

Sounds like a lot of choices, doesn’t it? Well, we can eliminate one immediately. There is absolutely no point in considering over-the-counter bleaching treatments. You have seen them in drugstores, Wal-Mart and even dollar stores. Maybe you think it could be worth a try. Simply stated, though, you do not want to throw away even a dollar or two, and that is exactly what you will do with these treatments. They will never deliver the level of whitening that you can get from treatments that your dentist office can provide.

Most dentists will begin with an in-office treatment and then give you follow-up treatments to take home so you can continue your whitening. You will see several levels of whitening, as opposed to one or two (or even none) with over-the-counter treatments.

Do Whitening Toothpastes Work?

No. You will see a bit of whitening after you brush your teeth, but no more than if you used an ordinary toothpaste. They take off the daily dirt the same as any other paste, and do nothing more.

Does Bleaching Under a Bright Light (As Seen in the Malls) Work?

Those mall treatments do not use the same type of light as your dentist uses. So again, no.

Am I a Candidate for Bleaching?

Assuming that your teeth are in good condition, you are a candidate for bleaching. A responsible dentist will not do a bleaching treatment on decayed or damaged teeth.

When Should I Bleach?

This is a matter between you and your dentist. Again, assuming that your teeth are in good shape, but they are discolored due to smoking, drinking coffee or tea or red wine, or any of the other lifestyle choices that can cause staining, you should be able to bleach immediately.

For How Long Should I Bleach?

Your dentist will regulate the time of bleaching when you come for your first in-office treatment. Then, if you are given bleaching treatments to take home, your dentist will tell you how long you should leave the trays and the gel in your mouth and also how often you should come back for follow-up treatments.

What Can I Do For My Sensitivity?

Some bleaching treatments are more aggressive than others. If you have sensitive teeth, Dr. Boss or Dr. Packard can recommend treatments that will whiten your teeth without causing you discomfort. If you have extremely sensitive teeth to the point where even the gentlest treatment is problematic, a toothpaste that is specially formulated for sensitive teeth can help to ease the post-whitening discomfort.

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