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In preventive or general dentistry services, dentists assess, diagnose and treat diseases that affect the teeth, gums, jaws and soft tissues of your mouth. At Boss Dental Care, our preventive dentists provide a range of services including teeth cleaning, exams and x-rays. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Jason Packard and Dr. Art Boss provide premium dentistry services in Corpus Christi.

Preventive General Dentist in Corpus Christi

If oral health and hygiene are neglected, it may result in severe pain and even loss of teeth. Regardless of age, people must visit our dentist at least once in every six months. This is because timely preventive services have a range of benefits which include:
Protecting your teeth from decay and any other major or minor teeth issues
Reducing a number of bacteria in your mouth
Ensuring that you have a bright and white smile

What Preventive or General Dentistry Services We Cover?

Dr. Jason Packard and Dr. Art Boss focus on providing quality preventive dental services. For preventive or general dentistry services, we use the latest technologies to provide the best care. Our preventive services cover both regular and scheduled examinations, teeth cleaning and digital x-rays.

Teeth Cleanings Corpus Christi

No matter how often you brush your teeth, there is still a chance of plaque growing on the surface of your teeth. To clean plaque or tartar, opting for professional dental teeth cleaning is the best way. Dr. Jason Packard and Dr. Art Boss recommend making at least two visits in a year (every 6 months) for cleaning. This is very important because thorough dental cleanings can remove any plaque and tartar from your teeth which helps in reducing the number of bacteria in your mouth. Consequently, you will be a reduced risk of cavities and gum disease.

Teeth cleaning can be done through traditional methods or laser treatment depending on the patient. Teeth cleaning process involves manual scrapping of plaque using a special dental tool. Laser or ultrasonic teeth cleaning is useful for removing plaque, killing microbes and eradicating bacteria in your mouth using high-frequency sound waves.

Deep cleaning is necessary for removing the buildup of excessive plaque/tartar from your teeth. This process is also known as root planing and scaling. At Dental Boss Care in Corpus Christi, we provide this treatment in two routine visits. During the first stage, we remove stubborn deposits and at the second stage, we smoothen the root surfaces. Our deep cleaning process prevents many periodontal diseases and restores your gum tissues. Our range of dental cleaning services also includes scaling, flossing, polishing, gum tissues assessment, documentation of tooth decay and x-rays.

Dental Exams Corpus Christi

Initial examination of the teeth is extremely important before providing any dental treatment. Professional dental examination by Dr. Jason Packard and Dr. Art Boss can protect you from developing a serious dental disease in the future. An examination allows us to identify the problems at an early stage and provide suitable treatment at right time. At Boss Dental Care, we also do comprehensive teeth assessment and evaluation. We discuss this assessment with our patients to let them know about the condition of their teeth and oral health.

During the initial examination, our professional dentist along with one of our hygiene experts evaluates your overall oral health. For this, we use a small intra-oral camera and utilize laser decay detection. This helps our dentists detect the cavities before they are visible in an x-ray.

Visiting Boss Dental Care also provides patients a chance to share any dental concerns including pain, bleeding in the gums etc. We can help you treat or prevent a number of dental issues.

Dental X-Rays Corpus Christi

At Boss Dental Care, we also facilitate our patients by providing x-ray services. Our x-ray service is digital and faster with lower radiation. Before treatment, x-rays provide important details to our dentists and facilitates their diagnosis. During the x-ray process, a high definition image is projected onto a screen in the treatment room. This image is evaluated and explained to the patient, thus allowing him/her to understand what is wrong.

The use of x-rays allows our dentists to assess and detect cavities, fractures, discolorations and root positions. X-rays also help diagnose dental diseases like abscesses, periodontal disease and any changes in bone density. Our modern digital x-ray system provides an up-close view of the affected area, which helps in developing the best treatment plan.

We Ensure the Best Care at Every Stage of Preventive Dentistry

Other than the mentioned preventive services, Dr. Jason Packard and Dr. Art Boss also facilitate patients by providing customized dental hygiene plans. In all areas of preventive dentistry services, we provide excellent care to our clients.

At Boss Dental, our knowledgeable and experienced dentists help you maintain your oral health and ensure that you leave with a bright and white smile.

What’s More at Boss Dental Care?

Visiting Boss Dental Care is the best way to avoid any dental pain or damage to your teeth.
You can call us on (361) 992-7551 where our Boss Dental Care support team is always available. Our support team in Corpus Christi, TX will guide you and answer all your queries instantly. Book your appointment right away because at Boss Dental Care, we want to see you with a bright and healthy smile!


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