Dentures are another dental treatment procedure that helps replace missing teeth. It is helpful and suitable for those people who have their teeth, but they are not fully functional. At Boss Dental Care, located in Corpus Christi, our specialized dentists recommend either removable partial dentures or complete dentures. The selection of dentures type depends on your oral health. We design fully functional and comfortable dentures with a similar appearance as your natural teeth.

Dentures Procedure in Corpus Christi

The dentures process at Boss Dental Care is less painful, where our dentists, Dr. Packard and Dr. Boss replace the missing teeth. They complete this process either by taking out or putting back the affected tooth or teeth into your mouth. Besides, people in Corpus Christi may experience tooth loss due to any periodontal medical complications, traumatic injuries, tooth decay, etc. Therefore, Boss Dental Care provides denture procedures to facilitate these people.

Here, the good news is that the current scenario of using dentures has been entirely changed from the past. Now, dentures are not only useful for old people. Since young individuals who have lost their teeth due to any reason can also use dentures to regain their facial expressions.

We provide services for complete and partial dentures depending on your requirement and oral health. We are aware that the needs and requirements of dentures for everyone is different, therefore we provide you one-stop treatment. Typically, we recommend partial dentures if you lost few teeth. Meanwhile, complete dentures are suitable for those when there is need to replace all teeth.

After the provision of the suitable denture, Dr. Packard and Dr. Boss also provide suggestions about aftercare of dentures. Since it is important to practice healthy oral hygiene when wearing dentures. It is also important to properly brush and clean your dentures to increase their lifespan.

Removable Partial Dentures in Corpus Christi

Removable partial dentures refer to a bridge. It is made up of replacement teeth attached to the plastic base having the color of the gum. In this process, at Boss Dental Care, the replacement teeth rest on the metal framework attached to the base of your natural teeth. If you have one or more teeth in your upper or lower jaw, partial dentures are more suitable for you. In this process, we replace the crowns on either side of the space and replace your teeth with a fixed bridge.

We’ll ensure that the partial dentures fill the gaps and spaces created by missing teeth. Besides, partial dentures also prevent the rest of the teeth from changing their position. These dentures are removable and possess an internal attachment. The internal attachment allows the crown to look more comfortable and natural looking.

Complete Dentures Corpus Christi

The complete dentures consist of an acrylic base having the color of flesh. The design of the base in dentures is fixed on your gums. The base of the upper denture covers the palate, whereas lower denture covers the tongue. At Boss Dental Care, we can also customize the dentures according to your requirements and needs.

At Boss Dental Care, we make complete dentures after removing teeth from your mouth. You can use customized complete dentures within 3 to 6 months after the removal of your teeth. However, if you need immediate dentures, Boss Dental Care also help you in this regard. We can make immediate dentures for you and place them immediately after the removal of your teeth. So, it allows you to use immediate dentures during the healing period. Since bones and gums might shrink with age, therefore, we recommend immediate dentures as a temporary solution.

How Do Dentures Work?

The self-image of people is negatively influenced by the loss of the full or partial tooth. For this reason, full and partial dentures are reliable and time-tested methods for treating partial tooth loss. This is the method that the expert dentists at Boss Dental Care recommend to their patients. It is because dentures assist you in the transition to successful denture wearing. The dentures we provide to our people in Corpus Christi give a natural look to your teeth up to a certain extent.

When are Dentures a Good Idea?

Dentures are ideal for you if you have advanced dental problems and cavities and you cannot visit your dentists frequently.

If you have swollen gums, you might suffer from gum inflammation. If this condition remains untreated, it leads to severe gum infection. Initially, infections are curable, but if you suffer from advanced stages of gum disease, dentures are ideal for you.

Dentures are also ideal for people suffering from shifting, and loosening of teeth. Shifting of teeth might give to various dental diseases. For this reason, the use of dentures is the ideal choice in these cases.

When Should Dentures Be Replaced?

Your mouth undergoes natural changes with age. Your bones and gums can shrink and recede, cause changes in your jaws. There is no lifespan of dentures, and their replacement is dependent on its wearing. On an average, dentures need replacement between 3 and 8 years. But, it mainly depends on the rate of deterioration of dental material and changes in the wearer’s jaw.

Dentures are made up of high-quality material, but they are not permanent. Boss Dental Care, recommends the people in Corpus Christi to give proper care to your dentures to increasing their lifespan. We also recommend you realign your dentures frequently to increase their longevity.

Why Keep Dentures in Water?

Proper maintenance of dentures is extremely important for increasing their lifespan. Our dentists, Dr. Packard and Dr. Boss, recommend you keep dentures in water. It is because dentures possess the quality of absorbing water. When kept in water, water is incorporated into the matrix of the base material of denture. They also recommend you to pre-wet your dentures because the dentures can be deformed by absorbing an excessive amount of water.

Should I Fix My Teeth or Take Them Out and Get Dentures?

It is always best to fix your natural teeth when possible. However, many patients choose to go with extraction and dentures for a number of reasons. Perhaps your teeth are damaged to the point where restorative treatments like crowns or implants are simply not in the budget. Also, even though implants are the best solution for missing teeth, some medical conditions (cancer and diabetes, for example), can preclude their installation.

Dentures are also sometimes the preferred alternative to fixing if you have a history of tooth decay. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s simply genetic – your parents had bad teeth and you inherited them. If you have lost a number of teeth to decay and have no reason to think that this is going to change, you might be better off to simply have the remaining teeth extracted and a set of complete dentures made for you.

Will I Be Able to Do Things With Dentures That I Was Able to Do With My Teeth?

Yes. A properly fitted set of dentures will allow you to bite and chew the way you did with your natural teeth. Thanks to modern imaging techniques and manufacturing methods, dentures can be the next best thing to implants.

Will My Dentures Look Good?

They will look as good as you want them to. Sometimes, people who have lost their teeth and are planning on replacing them with dentures make the mistake of telling the dentist, “I want white, white teeth, just like a Hollywood actor!” That is a mistake. Those teeth look good on camera, but the reality is that in real life, they look totally unnatural. You can go a shade or two, or maybe even three, whiter than your natural teeth, but if you want an attractive, real-looking smile, you should stay close to your original shade.

Thanks to modern materials, your dentures will be as translucent and subtly shaded as your original teeth. Unless you choose to tell people that you are wearing dentures, they do not need to know.

How Will My Life Be Different With Dentures?

You will feel more self-confident. You will not have to be afraid to smile and you will lose the prematurely-aged appearance that can go hand-in-hand with missing teeth.

Why Are My Dentures Loose?

Your dentures may feel loose to begin with. This is because your gums need time to shrink. Once that has happened, your dentist will line and re-fit your dentures and they will no longer feel loose.

What Is the Process to Get Dentures?

First, your remaining teeth will need to be extracted. Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and send them to a lab where a master ceramist will create your dentures. While you are waiting for them to be made and waiting for your gums to shrink, your dentist will fit you with a set of temporary dentures. You will be able to get used to the way dentures feel in your mouth. Finally, your dentist will do a final fitting and line your dentures.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

You can get a full set of upper and lower dentures for around $600, or up to $8,000. Much depends on what you want in terms of appearance and fit.

Why Do I Still Need to See the Dentist if I Don’t Have Any Teeth?

You can still be vulnerable to gum disease. Accordingly, it is still important that you visit your dentist office regularly for checkups.

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