Dental Implants Overview

dental implants

Dental Implants Overview

There are many different areas of dentistry, and one of the most important is the type known as restorative dentistry. This is an area that looks at restoring the teeth or the mouth to the most functional levels, and it uses some rather complex and modern treatments to achieve its goals. At Boss Dental Care in Corpus Christi, TX, we are proud to offer a very advanced type of restorative dentistry known as dental implants.

As they sound, dental implants are solutions that are actually implanted into the jaw and will fully replace a missing tooth. They feature “roots” in the form of the post that is implanted into the bone and gum tissue; they also have the abutment that allows the new dental crown to be attached.

In the past, implant dentistry was not so widely available, but today it is an area that has an astonishing success rate of around 95-98% and it brings a long list of benefits. For instance, if you come to us as your dentist in Corpus Christi with a need for restorative dentistry, it could be that you are missing teeth or that you have several teeth that are in need of removal.

While it may seem that missing teeth would be of no harm to you, it actually is the proverbial “first domino” that can trigger a chain reaction of major dental problems or damage. For instance, dental implants will be used to fill in the space where a tooth has been lost. What does it achieve? It prevents the other teeth from shifting out of position and altering the original alignment of the teeth as well as changing the bite. This also prevents teeth from starting to wear unevenly or even break, and it reduces the risks of bruxism or the jaw condition known as TMJ!

Your dental implants also prevent the loss or recession of gum and bone tissue. If you speak to your implant dentist, they can show you how your jawbone or your gum might shrink due to the loss of even a single tooth, but dental implants trick the tissue into remaining the same. The bone doesn’t weaken thanks to the implant.

Those missing teeth that can be addressed by dental implants would also have stopped you from speaking, looking and eating as you always had before. Wide gaps in the teeth, or missing entire sets of teeth reduces the quality of your life, ages you in your appearance and can leave you self-conscious enough to avoid socialization.

Dental implants offer a huge array of benefits, and you can even rely on them as anchors for a set of dentures or a bridge. They look natural and are always topped with crowns that are identical to your natural teeth.

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