Do you have any dental crowns? Most modern dental patients already have at least one, or can count on requiring one in the future. Boss Dental Care in Corpus Christi, TX offers dental crowns as part of our cosmetic as well as our restorative dentistry services. Because there always seems to be a bit of confusion around this subject, we are going to look at the following dental crowns facts to help clear up any misconceptions about them.

Some Basic Dental Crowns Facts

As your preferred dentist in Corpus Christi, we will use dental crowns for many different reasons. We might suggest them because a tooth has too much decay and a standard filling is inadequate. We might offer a crown as a cosmetic fix for a damaged, misshapen or deeply stained tooth. One of the more interesting dental crowns facts is that they are typically part of a root canal treatment and always part of a dental implant procedure.

So, they are a very flexible solution for a multitude of issues. This means that one of the key dental crowns facts must be that they are also a very reliable solution. Made of durable porcelain, they are created to withstand the wear, tear and incredible forces created by chewing, biting, and everyday use. They are always made to your specific bite. This ensures that all crowns will preserve your optimal health and perform just as the original, natural tooth did.

The process of obtaining crowns begins with our dental crowns specialist. They will take the proper molds and ensure that your crown is made to ideal specifications. Your crown is made in a specialty lab, and this means you need to make a second visit (after your initial treatment during which a temporary crown is placed) to get the crown bonded to the tooth. After that, the tooth is seen as fully restored and able to be used without any further pain or discomfort over the long term.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Crowns in Corpus Christi

Did these simple facts about dental crowns inspire you to find out a bit more? If so, give us a call at our Corpus Christi, TX office at 361-992-7551. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.