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Protecting your dental health isn’t always something that can be planned in advance. When emergency strikes, Boss Dental Care is there to help. We offer emergency dental services to patients in Corpus Christi and outlying areas like Coastal Bend and Coastal Bay.

Dental accidents happen, and when you need emergency treatment, you can contact Dr. Boss to schedule an appointment within the next twenty-four hours. Issues that require immediate care are severe aches and decay, a broken or lost tooth, or when a filling or crown falls out. Whenever you have a dental problem that’s keeping you awake and can’t be put off any longer, we’d like you to contact us for an appointment.

Treatment Services

When your mouth is in pain, or an accident caused a tooth to be knocked out, you need immediate care. Emergency dental services allow you to get treatment as soon as possible, instead of days, or even weeks later. A swollen abscess, or broken tooth can keep you up at night, and prevent you from performing simple tasks, or going to work. Get help fast by visiting our Corpus Christi office for emergency dental care. We recommend that anyone who is experiencing severe pain, or any dental situation that they can’t put off should contact us for emergency treatment. Examples of emergency dental situations include: -Knocked out of broken teeth -Tooth ache relief -Swollen or broken jaw -Root canal therapy If not treated, serious dental injuries can lead to serious discomfort or infections later on. Please call us right away if you are experiencing a dental emergency so we can get you back to feeling and looking great again!

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Payment Options

At Boss Dental Care, we strive to provide a wide variety of dental services at affordable prices to the Corpus Christi area. Our office accepts cash, check, major credit cards, as well as CareCredit. Financing options are also available to put the smile of your dreams within reach. Contact our office to find out more!